Dried Flower Care

How to look after your New Dried Florals

Our Dried Flowers don’t need Water meaning they are super Low Maintenance; Win Win all round!

Keep your New Dried Blooms Somewhere Dry & Out of Direct Sunlight this will Preserve the Flowers Colour

For Cleaning, Blast with a Hairdryer on a Cool & Low Setting!

Be Careful not to Over Handle, Your Dried Flowers will last for a long time then

Dried Flowers Life Span - 1 - 3 Years

Although They can Last for Years


Pampas Grass Care

Pampas will last a Lifetime if Kept Away from Moisture & Direct Heat

Please give your Pampas Grass a Gentle Shake Outside (this is important unless you like Cleaning!) upon Delivery to remove any Loose Fluff 

Once bought back Inside, Leave for a Few Days for the Plumes to Take Shape Once Placed in it's Vase

Please Note I Don't Require Water & Be Careful Not To Over Handle